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Create a deep emotional connection between your new home buyer and their new home.

Through our unique digital marketing and re-engagement platform leveraging curated weekly progress photos, we help turn prospects into buyers and buyers into raving fans.

Thousands of homes and growing.

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After the largest purchase of their lives, new home buyers can become disconnected from the new home building process - resulting in buyer’s remorse and canceled contracts.

Follow-up communication with new home buyers is very dependent on manual effort by builders which is inconsistent.  It is also typically not visual and does not create a strong connection between the buyers and their new home.

Builders are extremely busy and strapped for human resources to do the manual effort to keep new home customers informed on the construction progress. 

Canceled contracts cost new home builders $$.  Missed opportunities with referral marketing with highly engaged customers.

How 149Photos Can Help

149Photos is an automated customer and prospect engagement platform that eliminates the manual effort required to deeply connect new home buyers with their new home, their builder and their new community.

Weekly photos of their new home create a unique, deep emotional connection with your buyers. We do all the work to capture the photos and engage your customers on a weekly basis.  You get to focus on what you do best – building great homes.

Our platform helps builders across the country achieve faster sales, stand out from their local competition and realize a higher ROI from their marketing budget.

How it Works

2. Curate Photos

We automatically curate these photos through our AI powered engagement platform.

1. Capture Photos

Each week we take photos of the progress of your new home construction sites.

3. Share Progress

We share the progress of construction with each of your home buyers and prospects.

10x your email marketing engagement. Automatically.

We automatically email or text your sales center prospects with curated weekly photos from your home sites.

Automated Retargeting

Deeply interact with prospects and achieve click-thru rates 10x over traditional email marketing, resulting in faster sales of your inventory homes.

Save Time + Money​

Increase visibility to the entire organization on the progress and state of home sites: construction management, safety, purchasing, and design center.

Customer Delight​

Engage customers who have bought a new home which reduces canceled contracts and increases referrals through friends, family, and co-workers.

Get Started

Getting started is easy.  Most of our new clients are up and running in about two weeks complete with an initial batch of photos of homes under construction, interactive digital lot maps, training for your staff and more!

Try It For Free

Experience the excitement that your new home buyers feel by seeing the 149Photos system from their perspective.

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