The Perfect Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned Illustration

For the past year, I’ve been on a cocktail odyssey. It’s been an absolute blast – researching classic recipes, tinkering with new concoctions, and most importantly, testing them out on my friends at our gatherings. And today, I crack open the vault to share the recipe for the undisputed champion of my mixology repertoire, the Old […]

Movie Rating Aggregator

Movie Rating Aggregator

Update: I built this! You can check it out and subscribe at I love going to the movie theater. The darkness, the recliners, the smell of the popcorn. It all makes me happy. I go see a movie about once a week and before I buy my tickets I take a peek at sites […]

(Don’t) Listen to your Users. 

The old adage states that “the customer is always right”.  In the product design world, we seek to understand and empathize with the people who use our products. This is a huge part of the design process and when it’s done well, it leads to software that helps users solve their problems. But can we […]

My User Manual

VW Instruction manual

Growing up, I remember my Dad attempting to assemble furniture or install a new appliance.  He would push and pry and struggle for a bit. You could see his sweat build and feel the frustration in the air. After another 15 min or so, things would get  really serious. He would go to the garage […]

Design System Danger

What is a design system and how could it possibly be dangerous? Let’s start with a definition:  “A Design System is the single source of truth which groups all the elements that will allow the teams to design, realize and develop a product.” ~ Everything you need to know about Design Systems A design system […]

Good UX is About Making it Easy for People. 


By leveraging existing mental models, we can create smoother user experiences in which people can focus on their tasks rather than on learning new models. This instills confidence and a confident user is a happy and productive user.

UI work for Dwell™ Real Estate Platform

Recent design work from a new project for Dwell™.  Dwell™ is an all-in-one real estate photography and marketing package designed to help busy real estate agents sell homes faster. See the live website at