Makers Ecommerce Website

Makers Donuts was founded by my wife Sara and I in 2016 in Knoxville, TN. Soon after opening, we added the ability for our customers to preorder donuts from our website. For the first few months, the initial implementation worked out okay. However, as online sales grew we knew we needed a solution that made ordering easier for our customers.

The website needed a redesign.

Project Goals:

  • Simplify Ordering
  • Reduce the number of steps, clearly showcase available donuts.
  • Reduce Customer Confusion
  • Clarify order discounts on the checkout page.
  • Increase Online Orders
  • Online orders tend to be larger orders (multiple dozens).

The first step in the project was to create a sitemap based on the current site’s analytics and user feedback. I learned that ordering caused some users confusion due to uncertainty about available donut flavors. Customers also expressed confusion on the checkout page about whether or not their coupon or discount had been applied.


Donuts Simplified

The old product page had photos of donuts but not the currently available donuts. This confused and disappointed customers when they tried to order donuts that were no longer in stock.

Based on this insight, I redesigned the product page to show only the donuts currently being offered at the shop. This resulted in eliminating customer confusion as well as customer service hiccups for our staff.

User Feedback Video

Once the first version of the redesigned website was live I tested users as they navigated through the website and the checkout process. The feedback gave me insight on which parts of the site users found delightful as well as where they had confusion.

The Results

The wireframes helped us reduce the number of pages on the new version of the website making the site simpler and easier to use. Since launching the redesigned checkout process, online orders have increased by 20%. Additionally, inquiries from confused customers have all but stopped, encouraging me that our goals for ease of use and customer delight have been met.