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Your Website Should Produce Leads and Sales

Over the years we have used the power of great websites to launch and grow our businesses and side projects. Our small business websites have been our biggest secret weapon in creating leads and sales. They have been hard at work on our behalf 24/7, multiplying our efforts year after year and propelling us forward with results unlike any other salesman we could ever hire.

During that same time, we were harnessing the power of good website design, we’ve watched as countless others wasted the very same potential. Even worse some allowed their website to work against them.

We’ve often wondered:

The perception we uncovered was that most small business owners view their website as an expense, with no return on investment. They think it’s all beauty with no substance. 

As a small business owner, why would you want to waste a penny of your hard earned money, time or energy into something you felt was just for looks? Just fluff?

It’s been our mission since 1999 to help hundreds of small businesses start to view and expect their website to produce leads and sales. Our experience and research prove that every penny you invest in good design, great copywriting, beautiful branding, and awesome user experience, brings a multiplied return. 

Tip One : Work on your foundation.

We have found doing an audit on your website is the best way to analyze your foundation. This audit tests to find out if your foundation has the key elements that it needs. Things like good link structure, targeted keywords, enough content, inbound and outbound links, etc.

Without these key elements, your website will stall out. Some of the most common things we find lacking are: little or zero fresh content, outdated information, and poor copy.

As a result, most business owners believe that they have little or no power over the results their website brings. We are here to tell you that you possess the power to change the course of your business by testing your website foundation and taking the time to repair any cracks you find. 

Tip Two : Feed and water your website.

Your website is a living, breathing part of your business. It needs you to feed and water it along the way to keep it healthy and hardworking. If you expect it to work for you, honor its efforts by feeding and watering it consistently. The more effort you put into fueling your design, the more energy it has to work for you, even while you’re sleeping.

Here are just a few ways to fuel your website:

Fresh Content
Add good, quality content that educates and informs your audience. If it’s good, they will come and they will share.

Technical Updates
Keeping your code clean and your site structure organized will help you be found on search engines. Clean up your old files and fix your broken links.

Provide Resources
Share your process, tips, ideas and tools with your audience. Link out to other sources and you’ll find that your website will start to draw visitors.

We guarantee that if you take the time to test your foundation and then consistently feed and water your website, it’ll become the hardest working employee you have. You will begin to see results that are measurable and your businesses will begin to feel the momentum and power your website has been striving to give you all along

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