Navis Hospitality CRM

Started in the 1980’s, NAVIS serves the unique needs of independent hotels, casinos and vacation rental property managers. Though extremely powerful, the software was dated and the overall user experience was in dire need of a refresh. 

It was time to start fresh.

I was brought onto the product team as the first ever Product Designer at NAVIS. With a strong bias towards subtraction, my approach was to understand how our users actually engaged with our product.

Starting at the base layer, with the Information Architecture, I was able to reimagine the product from the ground up.

The legacy product was heavy and weighed down by a dated and overwhelming user interface.

After three decades worth of software engineering decisions, the product was filled with inconsistent UI elements, convoluted workflows and confusing design decisions.

After interviewing customers I quickly discovered that the way in which the product displayed and presented its abundance of data overwhelmed users and made it difficult for them to take action. 

Legacy Product UI

Figma Prototyping

Navis Figma Prototypes

All New Navis Product Design

The Results

After months of user research and testing I created an all new NAVIS Design language to be used across all product suites.

Based on this new design system, over the next several months I crafted an all new product UI and UX resulting in a modern, updated visual style for NAVIS customers. 

Working cross functionally with product and engineering teams we were able to drastically reduce visual noise while increasing usability and customer satisfaction.

The result was that the NAVIS product had a stunning user interface layer to match is powerful lead capture capability.