Emissions Management Platform

Validere’s CarbonHub software is designed to assist energy companies in simplifying their regulatory emissions workflows. By leveraging CarbonHub, clients gain critical visibility into their emissions, helping them make informed decisions and meet their environmental goals more effectively.

Emerging from Y Combinator (YC) with fresh funding, Validere identified a growing need among oil and gas companies to track and reduce their carbon emissions.

The challenge was to design a software product that would simplify carbon footprint management and make it accessible to a wide range of organizations and user roles.

The few existing software solutions for emissions tracking were fragmented, complex, and lacked user-friendliness.  In short, they were slow, outdated and ugly.

Initially, Validere had worked with contractors and agencies to outsource the early MVP screens. Upon my joining the team as the Lead Product Designer, all product design was brought in house. Our first step was the creation of a brand new design system that would serve as the foundation for the product going forward.

Validere Carbon Hub Home Screen
Validere Carbon Hub Home Screen

CarbonHub Product Design

Alert Digest
Carbon Hub Emissions Alert Dashboard

My Contributions at Validere

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The Results

As the lead designer on this product, my journey to bring CarbonHub to life was quite a ride. It spanned numerous phases, from in-depth research to thoughtful design, rapid iteration, and rigorous testing.

Building a design system in Figma was instrumental in keeping the design coherent and streamlined throughout this journey. It allowed us to empower the engineering team to quickly and efficiently build out screens using front-end components. 

Carbon Hub Workflow Tasks